Free webinar - What is the expected trajectory for solar DG upscale in Brazil, and what are the market opportunities?


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  • Miguel Saramago, CEO, Solar Brasil Investment
  • Dale Vander Woude, CEO, Helio Energias Renováveis
  • Aurelio de Andrade Souza, General Manager, USINAZUL


The panellists will discuss the following topics:


  • How the growth in residential solar DG market impacts the market
  • How C&I solar projects received a “boost” in the regulation 687, and what we may see next as a result
  • Expectations rationale about longer term retail energy rate inflation
  • What are the main factors in proGD that have driven the Brazilian solar DG’s market rapid growth thus far?
  • What financing avenues and incentives are available to off-takers looking to develop DG solar projects?
  • How is the Brazilian solar market handling supply chain challenges?
  • How is Brazil’s solar market handling the huge demand for training and capacity building?
  • How will Brazil’s solar DG industry evolve over the next 18 months?


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