Marcos Meireles

Rio Energy

Professional with more than 20-year experience in the power and gas sectors.

Started his career as an engineer at Furnas Centrais El├ętricas (1992-1999).

Then worked 10 years in specialized consulting companies for the gas and power sector (PSR/Mercados de Energia and Siglasul). In the consulting business, he had the opportunity to work all over Latin America developing a broad market vision encompassing strategy, regulatory, legal and finance aspects. In that period, he was also able to develop a strong network among sector top executives.

In 2010 he founded MDT Energia, a consulting firm to support large investor to develop power projects from early stages to construction, supporting over 1.0 GW of renewable projects.

In the middle of 2012, he built together with an American Private Equity (Denham Capital) a premier Brazilian renewable developer called Rio Energy. Under his management, Rio Energy has grown in a 6-year period from a company of 3 collaborators to 79 and has developed a portfolio of almost 500.0 MW of wind in commercial operation and more than 2.6 GW of wind and solar greenfield projects, a total investment of around USD 1.0 billion.

Nowadays he is also a board member of the Brazilian Wind Energy Association (ABEEolica) and other 2 transmission companies.