Natalia Svejgaard

Investment Director, Danish Climate Investment Fund

•Investment Director, IFU (since 1994)

§Since January 2014 – part of the IFU team managing the Danish Climate Investment Fund, responsible for project sourcing, development,  negotiation and implementation of fund investments (mainly within wind and solar PV) also through the investee development platforms

§Renewables transaction experience (lead role) includes

Lake Turkana Wind Power (Kenya. 310 MW), NPP Maldives (rooftop solar PV), Nordic Power Partners (wind and solar development company – a joint venture between IFU and European Energy A/S), Coremas I-III (Brazil, 90 MW) and Boa Hora I-III (Brazil, 90 MW)

•Currently working on a pipeline of

•wind and solar projects in Brazil,

•wind power in MENA, Sub-Saraharan Africa and South Africa,

•PV solar in MENA and Latin America

§20+ years of transaction experience in industrial, energy and climate projects in developing countries

§Till 2013: geographic responsibility for project sourcing, development and negotiations in Eastern and Southeastern Europe and Central Asia

§Industry responsibility for energy and climate projects worldwide

§1995-1998 Area Manager in IFU regional office in Warsaw, Poland

§     M.B.A.  From Aalborg University (1994)

§M.A. from Warsaw University (1991)